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Each Month, I Want to Give You Smart & Simple  Marketing Traffic Ideas to 
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What's Inside of the Fresh Ideas Marketing  Traffic Club?

Insider's Strategy Guide


A "how-to" guide that lets you make the most of the month's fresh marketing idea by providing implementation instructions.

Templates and/or Checklists


A valuable, downloadable monthly "profit booster that lets you fill in the blanks for immediate implementation

Downloadable Files


 Each month's idea is downloadable as a PDF, Word, PPT, or text file and is delivered in a zip file in an email..

Fresh  Ideas Marketing Traffic Topic for September 2023

The 60-Second Revolution: Transform Your Business with YouTube Shorts!

New to YouTube and YouTube Shorts? YouTube Shorts are 60-second, vertical videos that focus on attention-grabbing, relevant content. This guide will help you set up a business channel, create engaging Shorts, and maximize reach. 

Start by setting up a channel that reflects your brand’s identity.  Plan diverse content like product demos and testimonials. Use high-quality video, keep it under 60 seconds, and use music for added engagement. Optimize titles, descriptions, and tags for discoverability. 

After publishing, promote your Shorts on social media and through newsletters. Use YouTube Analytics to track performance and refine your strategy. Engage with your audience, stay updated on trends, include a clear call-to-action, and remain authentic to resonate with viewers.

Who is Behind Fresh Ideas Marketing Traffic Club?

Donna Gunter has worked in online and digital marketing since 1999. 

After building her own profitable business, Donna became passionate about helping other small business owners learn how to market their dream businesses. After helping others in a one-on-one environment, Donna realized she could help more people by putting together a monthly fresh marketing idea that would help anyone who wanted to make their clients choose them.

Inside Donna's powerful membership, you'll discover the time-tested strategies for marketing your own business and taking it to consistent profitability.

Click on the teal box below to join the Fresh Ideas Marketing Club now, and contact Donna anytime if you have questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

How and when are the monthly fresh traffic ideas delivered?

You will receive a new marketing idea on the 15th of each month. We will send an email with a link to download the marketing idea. If you happen to join between the 15th and 31st of any month, please hit us up at and request the current month's marketing idea.

How can I cancel my membership?

If you are not completely satisfied with your Fresh Ideas Marketing Club membership, you may cancel at any time, and we will immediately terminate your membership and you will not be charged again. Simply email us at to request cancellation.

Do you offer refunds?

 There are no refunds on membership fees since we provide digital content that cannot be returned.

What if I don't receive an email one month with my monthly content?

If you don't receive the email for your content by the 16th of the month, please hit us up at and ask us to send it to you again.