9 Amazing Ways to Create a Buzz About Your Business

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To create a buzz about your business means that you do something to get people talking about you and your business. Today, creating buzz about your business is important since it can be difficult to stand out in a sea of other businesses.  

But, if you can do one or two things to make yourself and your business distinct, you’ll have more opportunities to be seen by more prospects.

Here are nine proven ways to create a buzz about your business:

1. Send Out a Press Release – Press releases are still viable and important ways to get the buzz about your business, even in this day of social media and blogging. Press releases should be sent out to your media contacts every time you have something newsworthy to share. Don’t discount submitting them to online sites, as well. It’ll help your Google ranking, and you never know who might see them on one of the online media distribution points. Here’s how to write a press release that gets you noticed

2. Create and Share an Infographic – Infographics are long, pictorial graphics that tell a story about the data and information that you have. These are great ways to encourage sharing, especially if you include data that is relevant for your audience that they’ll enjoy. I heartily recommend CanvaPro for this task. They have a great selection of infographics templates from which to choose. You can use Canva free of charge, but you are limited in what you can download. 

3. Release a Free eBook on Kindle – Having a book launch with a free Kindle book is a great way to create buzz. Ask the people who download the book free to give you a review and feedback, which will help move your book up on the list that Kindle recommends to people. I wrote an article on how to create a Kindle book from one of your podcast interviews here.  

4. Create Viral Videos – While you might not be able to just willfully create a viral video, if you create regular videos that are of interest to your audience, then one of them is bound to resonate enough to go viral. Videos get shared more often than text, so you’re off to the right start when you create videos.  

5. Have a Facebook Contest – Contests are a great way to create a buzz about your business. You can have them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, your blog... however you want. Just follow the rules of the platform and make sure your prizes are relevant to your audience. Here’s an article from Hootsuite with tips on running an effective Facebook contest. 

6. Hold Facebook Live Events – Facebook Live enables you to go live to your Facebook followers on your Facebook profile, business page, or group. It’s one of the fastest ways to get attention these days on social media. 

7. Host a Webinar – Got something you can teach to your target market? Create a webinar and be an educator and advocate for your target market. Webinars are a great way to build your email list and create some buzz about your business. A good way to do it is to ask other people to sponsor your webinar to their list.   

8. Create Content on a YouTube Channel – A YouTube channel can be almost as good as having a television show. You need to plan out the content you want to do, post new content on a consistent basis, and try to be as professional as possible. Because Google owns YouTube, it’s also a valuable way to appear in search engines. 

9. Connect to a Charity – You don’t want to do charitable things just because you want to create buzz. But, if there is a charity that you like, you can donate a percentage of proceeds to it, or you can have yearly sales where all proceeds go to the fundraiser for that charity. Another idea is to donate a service package to a charity for a silent auction to get people talking about what you do. 

If you want to create a buzz about your business, using social media, videos, press releases and the like are great ways to do it. Try these different strategies and see what reactions you get. Change things up as often as you can to keep the buzz going. 

If you are confused or overwhelmed about what you should do to beef up the buzz in your biz, I can help! Check out my Brainstorming with Donna Session to help you figure out the most effective strategy to increase your business’ visibility. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create buzz for your business.

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