How to Write a Press Release That Gets You Noticed

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I am frequently questioned about how to write a press release. Writing a great press release is a sorely needed skill among business owners. So many times when I request info from a business about an event, they tell me to pull it off the flyer that they created. That is the worst thing you can say to someone who wants to publicize your business free of charge. 

As the business owner, you need to make it as simple as possible for a media outlet to promote you. The best way to do this is by writing a thorough, newsworthy press release that makes it simple for the media outlet just to copy and paste what you have written. 

Press releases are an inexpensive way to get the word out about your business and build your brand.  However, you can make each press release stretch further if you have a plan outside of random distribution. 

While you are writing your press release, figure out exactly who you want to see it and write for your target audience, making it easy for the press, as well as your target market, to find you. Then, ensure that your press release has a newsworthy story behind it.

Here's how to write a press release that gets you noticed:

1.  Add important links. While most links for online press releases are "no-follow," still include a link or two to your website and the product or event announcement on your website. 

2.  Craft compelling headlines.  Your headline should evoke curiosity from the reader by answering a question that has been burning for the audience. 

3.  Repost it on your website.  A press release is more content for your website. Release it first on your own site, then send it to your connections. 

4.  Build relationships:  Use press releases to build relationships with your audience and journalists by writing about what your audience wants to know and how they want to learn it. 

5.  Send to the right people. Don’t just blanket press rooms with your release; instead, be laser-targeted with who gets the release so that you don’t become known as a PR spammer. 

6.  Include a photo.  By including a photo of yourself as a part of your release, you’ll increase the likelihood of having your release read. 

7.  Include a video. Have you produced a video with more details about your story or has a sound bite that the press can use? The awesome thing about digital press releases is that they can include videos or links to videos, providing more information for the press. 

8. Include keywords.  Using keywords is important in headlines, subtitles, and bullets. Be careful about creating keyword links because you want don’t want to be accused of keyword stuffing, but you do want to use keywords strategically so that the search engines pick them up. 

9. Tell a story. The words inside your press release matter; the story must be important and compelling enough to get readers to not only read but to act on what they read. 

10. Share and Ask for Shares:  When you distribute a press release, share it with everyone and ask them to share it too. Don’t just rely on the press connections or your PR firm to get the word out about your release. 

If you're out of ideas for a press release for your business, here's a list of 61 ideas for a press release

Press releases are good for SEO, building relationships, proving expertise, and more. They are also good for announcing new products, events, and grand openings. But, you have to get into the practice of writing them and distributing them for them to work. Use these tips on how to write a press release to ensure that your release is noticed online. 

Want to discover how to get the most bang for your buck with a press release? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get more visibility for your business, or schedule a Brainstorming with Donna Session to explore the best options for you.

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