Podcast Promotion: 7 Amazing Ways to Leverage Your Podcast Interview

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If you are like many entrepreneurs, you really don't know how to use podcast promotion as a way of getting attention to an episode of a podcast on which you were a guest. Most business owners see a media appearance on popular podcasts, radio, or television as a one-time, finite event. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most broadcast media keep all episodes of a show online for a very long time. Just because the initial excitement of your interview or appearance has passed doesn't mean that you can't continue to get great ROI (return on investment) from your podcast interview. 

You may also be expecting a great surge of traffic from your interview. Appearances on media and podcasts with a large following may result in a short spike of traffic to your call to action. In most cases, however, media and podcast appearances serve as a trust trigger for your audience that positions you as an authority in their minds. There are specific ways to leverage that trust trigger to move your prospect along the know, like, and trust journey with you so that you increase the likelihood of turning a prospect into a client.

As you're thinking about podcast promotion, here are the 7 most effective ways to leverage your podcast interview:

1. Create a media release about your appearance. Write an informational media release containing 3-4 points you made in your interview and submit it to a press release system that syndicates it to affiliates of ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.

2. Use exposure cloning. Podcasts are evergreen, which means that once they are published, they are online forever. Re-introduce the episode every 60 days to your social media followers for six months. Change up each announcement. Perhaps you use personalized podcast cover art with the first announcement, a screenshot of one of your media releases about your appearance on a show for the second announcement, a direct link to the podcast site on your third announcement, and a humble brag about your appearance in your fourth announcement. 

3. Share with current clients or prospects. Write up a brief overview of your podcast appearance and send it to current clients and prospects by email, ezine, or a direct mail letter. Don't offer them anything for sale in this notice--just let them know what they will learn by listening to the episode. 

4. Add to your media page on your site. If you don't yet have a media page on your website, being a guest on a podcast is a great place to start. This media page will enhance your authority when viewed by other podcast hosts and increase the likelihood of you being asked to be a guest on another podcast or other broadcast media. 

5. Offer to do a media release highlighting the podcast host and the show. When you offer this option in your pitch, you make yourself a much more attractive potential guest and create an opportunity to add another media mention to your media room. In this release, you focus primarily on the show and incidentally mention your guest appearance. 

6. Connect with your host on social media. Once you've been interviewed on a podcast, there may be an opportunity for you to be invited back again. Keep in touch with your host. Send the host a thank you note for asking you to be a guest and become a friend/follower/connection of the host on social media.

 7. Send listeners to a landing page offering a lead magnet. The biggest mistake podcast guests make is sending listeners to the home page of their website or to a social media profile. Instead, design a landing page that greets the listeners to that podcast and offers them a free gift (lead magnet) that helps you build your list. Make sure the offer is evergreen (not time-sensitive), as you don't know when someone might be listening to your episode. Make your offer relevant, regardless of the time frame of the interview. 

If you're having a slow social media day, revisit your media page and recycle some of those media appearances and podcast interviews to remind your prospects of your authority. This is a great form of podcast promotion, and your host will be thankful for the extra mentions. 

Want to discover how to get the most bang for your buck with a podcast appearance?  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with a podcasting guest plan for your business, or schedule a Brainstorming with Donna session to help you get on the best podcasts for you.

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