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Evergreen Instant Sales Accelerator

We have designed the Instant Sales Accelerator Expert Book Program to be the fastest, most effective way for you to write and publish a book that engages your audience, helps identify people interested in your message, and positions you as the obvious choice for your prospects.

Rather than taking a year or longer, your book can be out there collecting leads in as little as 6 weeks. The best part is, we don't restrict you like some other services. Your Instant Sales Accelerator Expert Book is yours to do with as you like. and we want it to be the most effective tool in your business.

Here's how it works....


Step 1: 30-Minute Strategy Call

In this call, we'll help you determine your topic, outline the questions for your interview, and develop your perfect title to capture the attention of readers.

Step 2: 60-Minute Interview

You'll get to talk your way through the questions outlined in a relaxed fashion that draws out your expertise in the subject matter.


Step 3: Transcribe and Edit

We'll take your interview and edit for spelling, grammar, and readability to ensure it accurately reflects your information.

Step 4: Unique Cover Design

We ask you a few questions and have our designer create a unique cover that catches the eye and amplifies your message. 


Step 5: Your Call to Action

We'll work with you to create a killer back cover that compels readers to take the next step, identifying the hottest leads. 

Step 6: Publishing and Printing

We'll format your book in a professional layout and take all the necessary steps to make your book available before delivering copies to your door.


Ready to Get Started?

Here's your chance to instant accelerate your sales and create a 24-hour salesperson 
for your business.